Why do they want to build a sewer plant?

A small group of concerned residents in Woodacre is pushing the County to allow them to build a sewer plant and storage ponds in San Geronimo. This isn’t just a far off dream. It’s really happening and it’s happening NOW! Yes, a small group of concerned residents in Woodacre want to solve their individual septic system problems by building a sewer plant in San Geronimo instead of fixing their failing systems or finding a Woodacre solution to a Woodacre problem. The sewer plant will be located adjacent to the maintenance shed of the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course and close to the intersection of San Geronimo Valley Drive and Meadow Way. It will be located just above the fish ladder at this intersection and only 100 feet from the San Geronimo Creek. That’s the same creek that this project is supposed to be protecting.

Many people across the Valley support the idea of residents in Woodacre solving their septic problems. But many of us believe that a sewer plant is not in keeping with our rural character, puts an undue burden on the larger community, could affect the health and welfare of our families and children, will be a visual blight to the Valley, will have an immediate affect on home values, could easily bankrupt residents whose homes are near the sewer plant where resale values may drop to zero, and if a spill were to occur, could have an irreversible negative impact on our streams and creeks. There’s a lot to learn about their plan for a sewer plant and their are some very good reasons to stand united against it while still supporting a Woodacre solution for a Woodacre problem. And there are some good options for Woodacre residents. Those options are described on this website.

The answer to the question ‘why’ do they want to build a sewer plant is simple. Adding a sewer system into Woodacre costs money. How much? No one really knows but there are some cost projections that are discussed in an article on this website. A sewer system option that recycles water and reuses it has the best chance of receiving grant money from the state and thus will reduce the overall cost of the construction of the sewer system and sewer plant. But grant money, like many things about this project, is another unknown. It could be that the sewer plant moves forward and no money or very little grant money is received. In that case, the entire reason for promoting a sewer plant falls apart, yet our community is still saddled with a sewer plant … forever. Again, the sewer plant is being pushed by a small group of concerned residents in Woodacre because it’s their best chance to reduce the cost of the project and get residents to sign up for it. A sewer plant was not selected because it’s the solution with the least impact on our community nor was it selected because it was the only option that will clean up our creeks (there are other options that will do just as good a job). It was selected based on the carrot of grant money.

Please take the time to read through the important informational articles that are posted to this website. All of the articles are fact-based analysis that come directly from a Wastewater Recycling Study and engineering report that was requested by Marin County and recently finalized in March of 2017 by Questa Engineering or from rules and regulations set by California’s state water board.