Get ready for 12 foot high walls of dirt

Two key components of the sewer plant that a small group of concerned residents in Woodacre are trying to force Valley residents to live with are two storage ponds that that will need to be built to hold the sewer plant’s recycled water effluent during the rainy season when it can’t be sprayed onto the golf course. If you haven’t already read the facts about recycled water, please do so on our What is recycled water? page. One pond will be located on the front nine of the San Geronimo Golf Course near the existing MMWD water treatment plant (as a reminder, that’s a drinking water treatment plant, not a sewer plant). The other pond will be placed on the back nine of the golf course near the 18th hole.

Perhaps the term ‘pond’ makes you think that these are going to be much like the existing water features on the golf course. Sorry. They are going to be quite different. The storage ponds are large structures that hold millions of gallons of effluent (effluent that is contaminated with human waste and human coliform bacteria). They are defined by bermed walls that will rise approximately 12 feet from the ground and will be as much as ten feet wide at the top. They will be obvious to anyone driving down Sir Francis Drake Blvd. or Nicasio Valley Road. The best way to describe these pond walls is to call them levees, like those that keep the Sacramento river from flooding farmland.

To keep people out, each pond will have a fence around it. At this time Questa Engineering has not specified what kind of fencing to expect but there’s a good chance that we might see a low cost chain link fence surrounding each of the ponds. For many years our rural character has been protected by the San Geronimo Valley Community Plan, a county-approved plan that protects the Valley from high impact uses and allows us to retain small town character, ranching and limited growth. The addition of these large, man made structures, in plain view, runs counter to the goals of the Community Plan. You can read the plan here.