Fresh vegetables beware!

Did you know that the San Geronimo Valley has an active community garden? A lot of warmhearted people put a lot of time and energy into building another Valley resource open to anyone with or without a green thumb. Up to thirty families share gardening space donated by the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course and grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. For families that don’t have gardening space or live where conditions aren’t ideal for the full sun needed to grow many of those tasty and healthy fruits and greens, the community garden is a wonderful opportunity.

If you haven’t visited the community garden or wonder where it’s located, enter the course’s main entrance and look to your right. You can’t miss the community garden on the gently sloping hill at the end of the parking lot. There’s another thing you can’t miss. You can’t miss the problems that arise when you spray reclaimed water on the golf course and that spray is carried into the garden. As you may have read in the article dedicated to reclaimed water facts, the reclaimed water that will be used by the golf course (as part of a sewer plant being championed by a small group of concerned residents in Woodacre) is not clean water. The state of California has strict rules on how that water can be used. Yes, it can legally be sprayed onto a public golf course. But it can not be sprayed on fruits and vegetables. Nor can it be sprayed near drinking fountains, near open air eating area or open air food prep areas.

In certain weather conditions where wind is present, it is fair to say that spray from the reclaimed water used at the course will be lifted onto the community garden. Given the location of the garden one may also conclude that the addition of a sewer plant that uses reclaimed water for irrigation could lead to the closure of this valuable community resource. Or, if it doesn’t, please be sure to wash your fruits and vegetables with extra care.