On site septic solutions

There are better solutions to solve the problem of failing septic systems in Woodacre instead of building a sewer plant that the entire San Geronimo Valley has to live with. These better solutions are called “Woodacre solutions for a Woodacre problem.” It’s important to know that these solutions solve the exact same problem that was originally identified as the culprit that is sending human waste into our waterways. For some property owners, alternate solutions will be far less expensive for than building a sewer plant and alternate solutions will certainly have a smaller impact on Woodacre and the larger San Geronimo Valley community.

One alternate solution is based on personal responsibility. People speak highly in the San Geronimo Valley about their commitment to the environment and the watershed. In fact, it’s why many people move to the Valley to begin with. It’s a beautiful place. But when it’s time to put your money where your heart is, things get complicated. We each have a unique responsibility to care for the planet both on a local level and a global level. We also have a responsibility to our neighbors and the regional laws that govern us. Common sense and personal responsibility dictate that if your septic system if failing, it’s time to get it fixed with a proper permit and by a professional. What would happen if your neighbor decided to discontinue their garbage service and simply pile it up in the front yard? It would quickly become a nuisance. It would smell, it would be an eyesore and it would be a health hazard. As the mountain of trash grew higher, the complaints would grow louder until county officials were contacted and your neighbor was forced to remove their trash.

The small group of concerned residents in Woodacre who want to build a sewer plant have said that there are no solutions that would allow a property owner to simply fix their failing septic system. That’s not true. It’s important to remember that most residents in Woodacre have not had their systems tested or inspected by a professional. They don’t know how bad their system is failing and what it would cost to fix it. In some cases the cost to fix a failing system could be just a few thousand dollars. Other situations might cost more but no one knows until their septic system is inspected. When a failing septic system does need to be fixed, their are now advanced systems that can accommodate Woodacre’s high water table. These systems are mentioned in Questa Engineering’s report but they are not the focus of the weighted report. The San Geronimo Planning Group has done extensive research on these advanced systems including the AdvanTex residential treatment solution. Experts agree that these are a fit for the unique problems that residents in Woodacre face. If you’d like to learn more about these advanced systems, reach out to Orenco Systems or the Planning Group.