For Golfers

Welcome golfers to the beautiful San Geronimo Valley and the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course. This picturesque course plays like heaven but it has a serious bite. Here are a few things you should know about the course before hitting the links.

  • Smell something funny on the front nine? That’s the sewer plant. It’s not going anywhere so breath deep. Or perhaps you’d like to play another course?
  • Windy day? Maybe a grain of sand from the bunker drifted into your eye. Or maybe it was some of the human waste that’s drying in the open air right behind the tee on the eighth hole.
  • Hot day? Need a drink. Don’t use the water fountain. Chances are it’s been sprayed with reclaimed water that’s filled with human waste, human coliform bacteria and viruses. The state of California has rules around reclaimed water and drinking fountains but who knows if they’re being followed to the letter of the law.
  • Didn’t wash your hands before lunch? That could be a problem. You’ve been picking up that golf ball and touching the grass all morning. That same grass was sprayed this morning with reclaimed water that could make you very sick. By the way, don’t put your fingers in your mouth, pick your nose or rub your eyes. That could be a problem too.
  • Watch out for that water hazard, because it could be a real hazard. There’s a good chance that all of the fresh water ponds have been contaminated with dirty sewer plant effluent.
  • Wondering what’s behind those ugly 12 foot high walls or dirt and chain link fencing? That’s more storage space for the millions of gallons of sewer plant effluent which contains hundreds of pounds of human waste.
  • Showed up early or played late and the grass is being watered? Run for cover. You’re being sprayed with reclaimed water that contains human waste.