For Parents

Parents need to know what’s happening in their community, especially when it’s happening right next door to their kids’ school. Parents need to know that a small group of concerned residents in Woodacre want to build a sewer plant in San Geronimo Valley that will include a reclaimed water system. The reclaimed water will be sprayed on the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course. That’s the same golf course that winds its way behind the Lagunitas Middle School and Lagunitas Montessori Elementary School. Here is what you need to know:

  • Reclaimed water is not clean water.
  • Reclaimed water contains human waste, human coliform bacteria and viruses.
  • The concerned residents in Woodacre want to spray that water all over the golf course.
  • There is a good chance that the wind will pick up that water and deposit it on school grounds.
  • California has strict rules about how reclaimed water can be used. Reclaimed water can not be sprayed near drinking fountains, near outdoor eating areas or near outdoor food prep areas.

It could be that none of the kids on the Lagunitas campus get sick from the reclaimed water that’s going to be sprayed right across the street from the school. Or maybe some kids will get sick. It’s hard to say. We won’t know until it’s too late. As a parent, is this a risk you want to take? Is this the school you want to send your kids to? Is this sewer plant worth the headaches? Or should we find a better solution? Even a Woodacre solution to a Woodacre problem? There are several solutions that will protect our kids. Take some time to read the articles on this website and the better options available for our entire Valley community.